Uplifting Inspirational Corporate



Uplifting Inspirational Corporate

This is positive inspirational music, featuring guitars, piano, strings, pads, indie drums.

This music fits perfectly to motivational uplifting videos, corporate presentations, inspirational movies, advertising, Youtube content, vlogs, travel guides, happy events, slideshows, sports, positive collages, love stories, etc.

Five versions included.

  • Full version (2:07)
  • Mid version (1:02)
  • Short version (0:30)
  • Light version (0:46)
  • Loop version (0:32)

Feel free to contact me if you need some changes, or you have a question. Thank you and have a nice day!

Uplifting Inspirational Corporate - 1 Uplifting Inspirational Corporate - 2 Uplifting Inspirational Corporate - 3 Uplifting Inspirational Corporate - 4 Uplifting Inspirational Corporate - 5

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