Background Fashion Sport Summer Hip-Hop



Background Fashion Sport Summer Hip-Hop - 1

Upbeat Background Sport Fashion Happy Motivational Hip-Hop music.

Archive contains 3 version of this track in WAV and MP3 format:

  • 1. Original (2:05)
  • 2. Short Version 1 (0:26)
  • 3. Short Version 2 (0:52)

Great for summer temathics, for instagram, clothing advertisment, clothing video, footwear advertisment, skate video, youtube, underground culture, rap video, rap interview, talk show, cooking video, food video, apartment repair videos, slow motion video, bmx video, teenage video, 90s video, car advetisment, car video, automobile industry video, as background, sports video, snowboard video, skiing video, urban and street lifestyle videos, birthday videos, tiktok videos and for any slideshow

Bestseller Hip-Hop #1
Bestseller Hip-Hop #2
Bestseller Hip-Hop #3

Big Typo Promo (Newest VideoHive Project with this track)

Background Fashion Sport Summer Hip-Hop - 2

Background Fashion Sport Summer Hip-Hop - 3

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